Wireless network

Eduroam - wireless network in the library

1. Eduroam is a wireless network provided for students of the Medical University of Lublin and is accessible in the Reading Room, Scientific Information Department and Multimedia Computer Room.

NOTE! Before first logging in you should install the certificate (available at: http://www.eduroam.umlub.pl/do-pobrania/) and configure your laptop or mobile phone (instruction in Polish with screenshots available at: http://www.eduroam.umlub.pl/jak-uruchomic/).

2. Way of logging in:
login: the Student ID card without the leading zero (i.e. 43123, not 043123)
password: the EDUROAM’s password

If you do not have the  Eduroam’s password you should use the system of password generation/recovery available at: https://umlub.pl/studenci-i-doktoranci/zmiana-hasla/ (in a form provided, student should enter the e-mail address which was given while application for the study)

Opening hours