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In the academic year 2020/2021 courses for English speaking students are conducted online.


Courses for students 

Students of Medicine Sources of medical literature

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Doctoral Students Scientific Information enter the course


In order to enroll for the course you should click the link „enter the course” in the table above, log in to the Moodle platform (login: the Student ID card i.e. 43123, password: the Student Platform/EDUROAM’ s password), enter enrolment key and click the buton „Enroll me”. If any problems occur, please send an e-mail to


The person responsible for the courses is Mrs Renata Birska, M.A. (e-mail:


All interested students can take the course from the computer workstations available in the Main Library (the Computer Workroom - room 110) or from any computer off the University network provided they have a proxy account (apply for remote access now).



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