The Library of Medical University of Lublin has its origins in MCU Department of Medicine library. The latter's collections counted 6000 volumes by the end of 1949, all of which was stored in one room in what at the time was the Institute of Normal Anatomy located at 1 July 22nd Street (currently known as Spokojna Street).

On 1st February 1950, MCU Department of Medicine was transformed into Medical Academy, and thus the library began to operate and develop as a part of the new university. Initially, the library resources consisted of gifts and offerings from The S. Konopka Central Medical Library in Warsaw, Ministry of Education, London Polish Medical Association, and The Stefan Grot-Rowecki Foundation in Paris. Gifts from Study Circle for Health Care Practitioners and Lublin Medical Society were also added to the library's collection at a later date. Those included numerous important works on the history of 18th and 19th century medicine.

In 1951, the library was relocated to a room in a building at Królewska Street. The room was quickly filled with library collection, but the entire building was in a very bad shape. It was necessary to relocate the library once again because there had been a serious risk of the building collapsing due to mechanical strain endured.

Following the efforts of then head of library, Dr. Stanisław Kowalczyk, the library was granted space in a building at 12 Pstrowskiego Street (currently known as Peowiaków Street).

The new site was estimated to suffice for another eight years. Transfer of the entire 111,285-volume collection was completed in 1959. However, it turned out that the Main Library was going to remain there for more than 40 years despite Dr. Kowalczyk's sustained efforts to rectify this situation. Accommodation was inadequate for the needs of the library, with storerooms scattered all over Lublin area.

In 1975, the next head of library, Zofia Jasińska, began campaigning for the creation of loan office for students complete with bookstacks in Student Dorm 3. The chief reason for this was insufficicient space of the library's own bookstacks at the time. Ultimately, in 1978 Students Branch was created in the basement of Student Dorm 4.

In 1991, computerization of the library had begun. Initially, it was limited to one terminal with access to Medline bibliographic database. In 1994, following the creation of a local area network in the library, the access was granted to all of the library's workstations. Providing internet connection in 1995 allowed the library to remain linked with global information resources and multiple academic libraries all over the world. Furthermore, installing the Prolib Library System software in 1996 enabled complete automation of the library work, as well as better cooperation with other medical libraries and faster access to resource information via OPACWWW online catalogue.

The next head of library, Lucyna Smyk, had been making considerable efforts to improve the library's housing conditions, which resulted in the University purchasing a former shoe factory building on Szkolna Street, Czwartek. The newly purchased building was destined to accommodate the Main Library after necessary adjustments.

On January 17 2000, keys to the new building were handed over to the head of library, and thus began the phase of settling in the new location for the library.

All of the library's departments were moved, as well as the entire, then still scattered, resource of periodical and non-periodical publications, and special collections, except for students collection.  

On 27 September 2000, grand opening of the new quarter took place.

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